About Us

  • Fipro is a globally integrated home textile supplier that brings to you exquisite range of fine Home textile products. With its global footprint, Fipro is building on a new vision and values sharply focused on exceptional customer service, innovative products, exceptional quality and, competitive pricing. In fact Fipro stands for a new way of Home textile sourcing, always putting customers first.


  • Our skilled staff with over 20 years of home textile expertise and network of global partners have positioned us as a unique integrated home textile supplier in the world. Our deep understanding of our customers’ needs and ever-evolving US consumer market gives us distinctive advantage over our competitors. Our certified global partners enables us to deliver quality products at competitive prices.


  • We deliver unique level of services and products using different strategies including:

    • Working with our client from product conceptualization, design, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, supply chain management and timely delivery.

    • Working with our client as per their on-going requirements while helping them reduce their product costs.

    • Develop innovative products by partnering with companies with new fibers, finishes and technologies.


  • We have distinctive understanding of major brand marketing and servicing which is a big part of retail environment. We are in process of signing major brands for our own manufactured product range.


  • With this foundation, Fipro is poised to become the most prestigious and recognized distributor of  both public and private brand label home textile products.